This is a general guide for making Frankincense water.  The recipe may be altered or diluted.  

Step 1:  Gathering your supplies and ingredients.

The supplies needed to make frankincense water  are frankincense, water, a tea pot and a glass bottle with a lid.

Set up your clean glass bottle with lid, and measure your frankincense. We will be using 10 grams of frankincense per 16 oz bottle.

I made labels for my bottles, so I could keep track of the different species of frankincense. I would like to compare the taste differences between the different species. In this tutorial, I am using Grade 1, Boswellia papyrifera from Ethiopia, and Superior Grade Hojari, Boswellia sacra,  from Oman.

Getting ready to make frankincense water.

Step 2: Add the Frankincense

Place your 10 grams frankincense resin in the glass bottle, and add your label.

Add Frankincense to the Bottles

You are all set up for making frankincense water, now it only needs boiling water.

All Ready to Make Frankincense Water

Step 3: Boiling water

Boil water using a tea pot.  We want to boil at least 16 ounces to fill our glass bottle.

Making Frankincense Water

Step 4: Add Hot Water

Add hot water to your bottle, and place lid on the bottle. The glass is very hot, please handle with caution.

Adding Hot Water

step 5:  Cooling, Cooling, Cooling

Allow Hot Frankincense Water to Cool

Allow time for your frankincense water to cool. I have made this late in the evening, so I will be allowing mine to cool and sit until morning.  This will also allow the resins to soak in the water over night.

Frankincense water is complete.

I plan on only drinking small amounts throughout the day. One may even dilute their frankincense water further if they find it unpalatable.

Frankincense Water


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