Step 1:  Gathering your supplies and ingredients.

I am using fractionated coconut oil,and frankincense powder as my ingredients.  My supplies are a medium to large sized pryex glass measuring cup, a general measuring cup, frankincense powder, spoons, boiling pot, water, coffee filters, rubber bands.

Optional items:  Kitchen scale, roll on perfume bottles, 10 ml syringe

Supplies for Infusing Frankincense Oil

Step 2:  Measuring your Hojari Powder.

I placed the powdered Hojari into the Pyrex Measuring cup with a teaspoon.  I used 4 tea spoons for my initial batch.  This weighs 20 grams on a scale if you have one.

Step 3:  Fill your Boiling Pot.

Fill your boiling pot with water.  Use about 3 inches of water.  Now place the Pyrex measuring cup into the boiling pot.

Fill your Boiling Pot with 3 inches of Water
Add your Pyrex measuring cup with the Frankincense Powder

Step 4:  Measure your fractionated oil.

Measure out your fractionated coconut oil in your second measuring cup. I used 1 cup of fractionated coconut oil for this recipe.

Measure your fractionated oil.

Step 5:   Boiling, Boiling Boiling….

Your boiling pot is now ready!  It is now filled with water, and your pyrex measuring cup with the frankincense and fractionated coconut oil is placed in the center of the pot.

We are using the heated water, to infuse the coconut oil with the frankincense powder.

Set your pot on the stove top, and turn the burner on low.  This is very important!  Glass needs to be heated, and cooled slowly.  This will be a slow process, on low heat for 30-45 minutes.  Bring your water to a subtle boil.  After about 30-45 minutes, your powdered frankincense and oil mixture will look like the photo below.

When you are finished boiling, turn of the heat, and let the pyrex cup remain in the pot with water, until it cools completely.  Again, this is very important!  Rapidly cooling, or heated glass can break or even burst.

I let mine rest about 45 minutes.

Boiling water, to heat the frankincense and oil

Step 6:   Cooling, Cooling, Cooiling…

Removing the Pyrex glass from the pot.  As you can see below, we now have a cloudy mix of frankincense and fractionated coconut oil.

I let my mixture settle for 1 day, to allow the gritty and gummy residue to sink to the bottom.

The fresh infusion of frankincense and coconut oil

Step 7:   Wait, Waiting, and Settling….

After waiting one day, we can now see the golden color of the frankincense oil, and the sediment building at the bottom

Sediment is separating from the golden frankincense oil

Step 8:  Preparing the vessels and utensils.

Have glasses available, coffee filters, and rubber bands.  Before beginning, I labeled my container with its ingredients, measurements and the date.

Step 9:  Preparing to filter.

Place coffee filters over your glass, and secure in place with a rubber band.  We will be filtering our oil mixture soon, so make sure it is loose enough in the middle, to hold enough oil

Coffee filter is used to separate sediment from frankincense oil.

Step 10:  Pouring, filtering, and much more waiting…

Slowly pour your frankincense oil mixture into the filter.  Try to pour the top oil layer only, and keep as much of the sediment on the bottom of the pyrex glass.  This is a slow filter process.  It will slowly drip, and filter out the sediment.  I set up 3 glasses to filter more of the mixture quicker.

Step 11: My sediments exactly.

I have reached the very bottom containing the sediment.  I have decided to use a new glass for filtering the sediment alone.

This sediment may be worth keeping as an additive for scrubs.

The final frankincense sediments may useful for scubs

Step 12: Removing the filters, and saving the sediment.

After your oil has fully filtered through the coffee filters.  Remove them.  You may scrape the sediment out onto a plate of its own.

Step 13: Admire your liquid gold!

Kings and queens had frankincense, and now so do you!  Your frankincense oil is ready for so many applications!  Enjoy the scent, and imagine the possibilities.

Liquid Gold!  Frankincense infused Oil.

Step 14: Consolidate and save!


Pour all your filtered oils together!  Voila!  Frankincense infused oil!  Now this turned such a beautiful golden color.  It is also extremely fragrant, I decided I want to wear it, so I used a 10 ml syringe, and placed the oil in 10 ml perfume roller bottles.


Step 15: Your finished!

Fill your final containers!

From Powder to Perfume!

Final Notes:

If you would like to purchase hojari frankincense powder please visit us at and click the link below.

Hojari Frankincense Powder