Frankincense Lemonade! I made this tutorial for a new recipe using frankincense water, this is a delicious way to get the benefits of frankincense in a palatable way!  This is a general guide for making frankincense lemonade.  The recipe may be altered.  We welcome your replies and suggestions.


Introduction to Frankincense Lemonade.

After creating my fist batch of frankincense water,  I found that it looked very much like lemonade, and this inspired me to create frankincense lemonade.  So now during these hot summer days, I can sip on a cool relaxing lemonade with frankincense, while the relaxing frankincense smoke permeates the air from my incense burner.

I found frankincense lemonade much more palatable than the pure frankincense water, which was rather bitter.   This recipe calls for boswellia sacra frankincense.  I did try boswellia papyrifera also, however it tasted more like grapefruit juice.


Step 1:  Gathering your supplies and ingredients.

The supplies needed to make frankincense lemonade are 200 ml of frankincense water, 500 ml of lemonade,  a measuring cup, and a spoon.   I used the frankincense water I made in this tutorial How to Make Frankincense Water.

  • 200 ml of frankincense water, boswellia sacra
  • 500 ml of lemonade.
  • Measuring cup
Frankincense Lemonade Supplies

Step 2:  Mix Your Ingredients.

Add 200 ml of frankincense water to your measuring cup, then add 500 ml of lemonade. Your total content will be 700 ml of frankincense lemonade.  Mix lightly with a spoon, add ice, and and slice of lemon.

Step 3: Enjoy your Frankincense Lemonade!

You have just made about 24 ounces of frankincense lemonade, which is just enough for two 12 ounce glasses.  This way you may share with a friend!  I also set some superior hojari frankincense on the burner, for a nice relaxing midday break.  For more information about burning frankincense, please read How to burn Frankincense.

Enjoy Frankincense Lemonade.

Final Notes..

  • I will only be drinking one glass per day.
  • If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask or reply!
  • Other types of frankincense can be substituted, results may vary.

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