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Hello, My name is Ryan Bambrick from NWI Trading Company, and I operate the website, and also this blog,…

In 2012 I began exploring Frankincense from Oman, as I was originally interested in the incense aspect of the of frankincense, having grown up in the Catholic church, and attending Catholic school, I had fond memories of early mornings in the sanctuary after the incense was burned.

My fondness of different cultures, languages and music had a lot to play in my current endeavor. I really wanted to find eclectic hand made products, handicrafts, and herbs and spices from around the world, and I am still interested in that. However frankincense took on a complete trail of its own, and its been quite interesting.

Soon after beginning to procure the resins, I began to learn more about the different grades and uses of frankincense. In fact, I’m always learning, and find the subject quite an interesting endevour.

As a buyer and seller, I do get the opportunity to talk to different people around the world, and I also love that part of my business. The different cultures, uses of natural products, and of course the foreign languages. I love learning different languages.

As demand for frankincense grew, more people inquired about oils, and eventually I was able to expand the inventory to include different types of frankincense oils, resins, and now pulverized hojari resin powder.

My main focus is on the quality of the resins and oils. Many times we would resort resins into cleaner grades right here in Indiana. There is always the learning curve. So my experience is much more in the actual resins, by smell, taste, sight and grade. I have learned much about the uses of Frankincense, and strive to learn much more.

I hope you will enjoy,  the how tos that I post here, the news stories and interview, information about frankincense and their origins, and generally all things frankincense. Suggestions are more then welcome and so are fantastic frankincense recipes for homemade goods.

Thanks for visiting, and for following

Ryan Bambrick
NWI Trading Company

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