Step 1:  Gathering your supplies for Frankincense Tea.

Frankincense tea is very easy to make.  I use my coffee pot to brew frankincense tea.  The basic ingredients I am using are hojari frankincense powder and earl grey loose tea. Supplies needed are loose tea, hojari frankincense powder , a coffee pot, two coffee filters, honey, and a teaspoon.

Optional Variations:  Black tea instead of earl grey, 1 piece of superior hojari resin instead of hojari powder.

Supplies for Making Frankincense Tea

Step 2:  Add your Frankincense Powder.

I take two coffee filters and double them together, and add 1 teaspoon of frankincense powder to the filters. The extra filter is to help filter frankincense gums from the tea, and getting gummy residue on your teeth.

Step 3:  Add your tea leaves.

Add four teaspoons of tea to your coffee filter.  I find that frankincense adds a lemony flavor to my black tea.  Since I love the citrus flavor of earl grey tea, I decided I would like to double up on the citrus flavor by using earl grey tea, and of coarse a slice of lemon.  If you do not have loose tea, do not worry.  You can tear open tea bags, and add four teaspoons worth of your favorite tea to the filter.

Step 4:  Brew your tea with the coffee pot.

Just simply add your filter to your coffee pot, and add water to your coffee pot.  Remember to turn on your coffee pot…  My tea took extra long to make, cause I missed that step…

Frankincense tea ready to be brewed with coffee pot

Step 5:  Get your tea cup ready.

While my tea is brewing, I like to get my cup ready, I added honey, and slice of lemon.

I am ready for Frankincense Tea!

Step 6:  Enjoy Frankincense Tea!

That is it!  Its a very simple process, I love the taste of this tea!  The recipe is adaptable to different types and strengths of tea.  If you are using resins, you may use 1 or two pieces of frankincense as a substitute to the teaspoon of powdered hojari.

Frankincense tea ready to drink!

Final Notes:

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