This is a general guide for making Frankincense Balm or Salve.  There are hard balms, and soft balms, so this is a general recipe that can be altered accordingly to fit your needs.

Step 1:  Gathering your supplies and ingredients.

I am only using a frankincense infused oil, and beeswax for this guide.  The infused Hojari frankincense oil was made with fractionated coconut oil in the previous tutorial, 15 Easy Steps for Infusing Frankincense in Oil.

My supplies are a medium to large sized Pyrex glass measuring cup, infused frankincense oil, teaspoon, boiling pot, water, beeswax pastilles and balm containers.

Supplies for making frankincense balm.

Step 2:  Select your Infused Frankincense Oil.

This tutorial is for a harder balm, which uses a oil/beeswax ratio of 4:1 .(four parts oil to 1 part beeswax).  Measure four teaspoons of  frankincense infused oil, and add it to your Pyrex measuring cup.


Step 2:  Select your Beeswax Pastilles

Measure one teaspoon of  beeswax Pastilles and add it to your Pyrex measuring cup.

Step 3:  Heat your Oil and Beeswax mixture

Place your Pyrex measuring cup containing the Hojari frankincense oil, and beeswax, into a pan with water.  Put your pan on the burner, and turn the heat on low.  In about 10 minutes, the beeswax will melt, and you will have a hot liquid mixture of beeswax, and frankincense oil.

Step 3:  Pour your mixture into your balm containers

After your mixture has turned into a hot liquid, turn off the heat, and let the Pyrex glass remain in the pot for about 1 minute, allowing the temperature of the Pyrex glass to lower.

Use an oven glove, or a hand towel to carefully pick up the Pyrex measuring cup, and pour the liquid into your balm containers.


Step 5:  Let your balm solidify.

Allow your containers of frankincense balm to cool down and solidify before using.  This only takes 15-20 minutes for small containers.

Enjoy your Frankincense Balm.

Your frankincense balm is now finished.  You should yield approximately one 2 oz container.  We made our recipe 20 parts oil, and 5 parts beeswax, and we yielded 6 containers. There are many uses for frankincense balm, we encourage you to post your results in the comments.

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Final Notes:

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